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Breaking Light
January 27, 2012

We live on the edge of darkness

Waiting to exhale a breath

Of lightness and our freedom

Showing the world we are capable of this

These feeling’s or emotion’s what ever you shall decipher

To live a life of aptitude with achievement at everyone’s dismay

And believing anything is possible as you gasp for your own self worth. 



Writer’s Wrath
January 22, 2012

When words are not enough

To express the feelings inside

Where anything is possible

If you can imagine in your mind

Day’s are endless

As time sits still

And just for a moment creativity is in the midst.

Silenced Gratitude
January 22, 2012

The wonderful world we live in

Where acknowledgement for opening a door is too much to ask

It’s as if we were kings walking into our palace

Expecting our servant’s to be at our beckoning call

Who are we to do such things

When we are all just hurting just to get by

A simple thank you is all it takes

To make a person into a human being.