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March 27, 2012

Walking past yet watching your every move

Anticipating any mistake that is made

Prawling at anytime

Becoming more paranoid everyday

Ignoring your passions yet embracing your fears.


Riches to rags
March 26, 2012

We all want success

BeingĀ  materialistic in our ways

Forgetting where we came from

Never acknowledging our past

Instead living for the now

Whether we are rich or not

Depends on the judging eye.

Love’s Lost Feeling
March 25, 2012

To feel an emotion and truly believe

This was meant for you and you alone

Wanting something more from the feelings inside

To no longer hold the pain in your heart

Letting go of everything you once thought was real

Accepting this life for what it is

Cherishing those around

Dreaming of the endless possibilities that can come true

Because love is all around

Just hidden a bit yet trying to be discovered once again.