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Heart Beat
October 31, 2012

We hoped and prayed everyday

That we would hear the sound of your life coming into play

The moment you were born was the best day of our lives

Nothing could be better than seeing your beautiful eyes

We cherish every moment you spend in our arms

We are very blessed and luckier than any charm

Now that you are here by our side

We will show you are love and compassion and never hide

For you are so special to us you will always know

That even before your heart began to beat our love for you began to grow.





The Beautiful Unknown
October 31, 2012

Before your existence we already knew

You would be life changing and as amazing as the sky is blue

Just the thought of holding you in our hands could make one cry

I would give anything  just to have a chance to know you

And see the world through your beautiful eyes.

Light Shadows
October 31, 2012

We breathe the cool crisp air of our existence

Relishing in our small defeats

By showing the petty world that we are engulfed by it

Shedding the layers of our dreams

And unavailing are true desires

Letting our mistakes become our new challenges

Taking off our mask

And letting our true nature be exuberant once more.