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March 27, 2012

Walking past yet watching your every move

Anticipating any mistake that is made

Prawling at anytime

Becoming more paranoid everyday

Ignoring your passions yet embracing your fears.


Silenced Gratitude
January 22, 2012

The wonderful world we live in

Where acknowledgement for opening a door is too much to ask

It’s as if we were kings walking into our palace

Expecting our servant’s to be at our beckoning call

Who are we to do such things

When we are all just hurting just to get by

A simple thank you is all it takes

To make a person into a human being.

Enslaved Emotions
January 21, 2012

Our enslaved emotions are held within

Never showing signs of freedom

We trap these feelings to hide our pain

Revealing  a smile from time to time

Only to mask a tearful heart

We’ve decided our joy is to share with others

For our pain is too much to bear

Whether this is true or not

We always live a life of fear.