November 11, 2012

We learn to count you when were young

But your no letter and never fun

All we use you for is to add and subtract

Your so boring and lazy and that’s a fact

Maybe one day you will learn how to spell

But for now go divide yourself straight to hell.


The Night Once More
November 11, 2012

Hallucinating visions come to light 

How can we see without visions sight? 

These presumptions are a daunting tale

Forever haunting are dreams, never to fail

For life’s passion has left ones soul

Never returning, hidden into the deepest hole.

Love’s Last Touch
April 4, 2012

Together through sickness

Health had seen better day’s

Yet we never gave up

We had something strong

And even though you are no longer here

Your presence is a everlasting gift

To cherish in my heart

Till my last breath

And the eternity we will share.