April 27, 2013

Given without acknowledgement

Shown in the midst of false pride

Promises of the unknown are greatly used

Rationality of our minds are displaced

While shattered hearts are frozen again.





To whom it may concern
June 26, 2012

We write simple letters to ourselves on a complex schedule of typo’s and obscure doctrines

Never letting our minds forget the passion and grotesque obstacles that stand in our way like giant statues

Or yet the possibility of failure that seems obsolete compared to our decimate presence in this cloudy world.

For we strive to be different as we slither through the cracks of our consciousness into a realm of being none have yet seen

Dreams and reality become one as the faith in our hearts is released into the air like abundant yet endless sunshine.

Greater Good
June 25, 2012

We do things not out of kindness yet for recognition

To be accepted for what we do, not who we are

Who is greater than next

Depends on the luxury in one’s life

The abundance of wealth will never match the common good in your heart

Yet we ignore these signs of life as they pass us by

Walking blindly from one path to the next.