November 11, 2012

We learn to count you when were young

But your no letter and never fun

All we use you for is to add and subtract

Your so boring and lazy and that’s a fact

Maybe one day you will learn how to spell

But for now go divide yourself straight to hell.


The Night Once More
November 11, 2012

Hallucinating visions come to light 

How can we see without visions sight? 

These presumptions are a daunting tale

Forever haunting are dreams, never to fail

For life’s passion has left ones soul

Never returning, hidden into the deepest hole.

Light Shadows
October 31, 2012

We breathe the cool crisp air of our existence

Relishing in our small defeats

By showing the petty world that we are engulfed by it

Shedding the layers of our dreams

And unavailing are true desires

Letting our mistakes become our new challenges

Taking off our mask

And letting our true nature be exuberant once more.